• Reviewed by: jasonpwatkins  on: 2015-01-09T17:42:52.581-08:00
    Favorite place for both dine in and delivery!!!
  • Reviewed by: sydneybatson  on: 2014-12-29T11:26:56.296-08:00
    best honey chicken!
  • Reviewed by: 1  on: 2014-12-28T16:59:13.186-08:00
  • Reviewed by: sl122  on: 2014-12-28T15:52:42.061-08:00
    Delivery available, so convenient
  • Reviewed by: wawesson1  on: 2014-12-23T16:10:50.892-08:00
    Love this place!! I love that I can get Sushi delivered to my home!!
  • Reviewed by: vkar16  on: 2014-12-20T16:08:45.205-08:00
    Best Chiniese in Memphis
  • Reviewed by: sholandacox  on: 2014-12-17T15:23:07.233-08:00
    Highly recommend. And I love that they deliver!
  • Reviewed by: the5hintons  on: 2014-12-12T16:24:57.502-08:00
    Great food!
  • Reviewed by: tara3072  on: 2014-12-08T10:47:56.866-08:00
    Great food!
  • Reviewed by: stephen  on: 2014-12-05T15:37:05.976-08:00
    The best food and best customer service!
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