• Reviewed by: thompson615  on: 2015-06-15T16:42:29
    PLEASE switch to plastic to go boxes instead of styrofoam. The take out tastes like styrofoam!
  • Reviewed by: dcinlas  on: 2015-05-21T16:25:39
    You have Germantown spelled wrong.
  • Reviewed by: mail.daddygrow  on: 2015-05-19T00:25:15
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  • Reviewed by: Angelilj  on: 2015-02-26T18:14:13.498-08:00
    Mediocre at best.. Small portions and way overpriced. Beef with broccoli had little beef, mostly ov
  • Reviewed by: cmh2t  on: 2015-02-18T09:26:58.013-08:00
    great food
  • Reviewed by: cderenburger  on: 2015-02-14T16:21:59.888-08:00
    LOVE Mulan Bistro!!!!!
  • Reviewed by: melodiesunset  on: 2015-02-14T15:45:58.576-08:00
  • Reviewed by: laurentiuh  on: 2015-02-14T11:16:38.529-08:00
    Great restaurant!
  • Reviewed by: ayeshamuzammil  on: 2015-02-06T18:28:19.382-08:00
    Awesome food, prompt service and they have maintained their standards
  • Reviewed by: fatenhamud  on: 2015-02-02T14:43:30.538-08:00
    great food
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