• Reviewed by: hhonn  on: 2018/9/12 9:29:12
    Hi there! My name is Haylie and I oversee our Grubhub base in Tennessee. We are expanding our delivery market in Memphis on September 18th! In sight of this launch, GrubHub is offering restaurants to begin receiving orders without any commitment. It’s free to sign up and free to cancel at anytime. I am currently finalizing the number restaurants I am working with. Is getting your menu on our site and sending orders your way something you may be interested in? Kind regards, Haylie Honn hhonn@grubhub.com (312) 239-3670
  • Reviewed by: btaramina  on: 2018/8/20 3:47:00
    Why is Zi Jing associated with Mulan? I love Mulan... been to both Collierville and Cooper-Young locations many times... great food... Zi Jing is garbage food. You would be better to disassociate yourself with them... I am rather upset that I chose them based on your association and name as "Mulan Bistro", formerly... It is just a cheap take-out place that does not belong in a restaurant listing... let alone a Mulan relationship... " Are you familiar with the Asian Eatery in Germantown? Even though Zi Jing is cheap for a heap of food... I would rather have good food... Enough said... dump Zi Jing... it is giving you a bad name via associations.
  • Reviewed by: bpeacock80  on: 2018/4/9 19:36:30
    You should fire your rude ass employees. Specifically the one answering the phone and the one delivering. So basically everyone I dealt with tonight.
  • Reviewed by: stephffp72  on: 2018/4/9 18:43:19
    I have been ordering food from Mulan Bistro for years and have had no complaints until tonight. First, the male who took my order was EXTREMELY rude and second, the delivery person said nothing and handed me my food. This is very much the opposite of what I have experienced in the past. I am very disappointed in my service tonight.
  • Reviewed by: ckimbro213  on: 2018/4/17 11:58:08
    Customer service is HORRIBLE!!! The rudest guy ever works there answering the phone. Not sure if he’s upset with life or what but come on man!! I’m a paying customer and have been for years...NOT ANYMORE!!! I went there simply for convenience but now I’ll drive 100 miles in the opposite directions before ordering anything from here again. I also made sure that my entire company is aware..so long Mulan!!
  • Reviewed by: nancymencke  on: 2018/4/15 18:10:53
    Once again, my delivery order was WRONG. Specifically ordered a vegetarian dish, and it came with not 1 but 3 types of meat! (It was taken by a woman named Jennifer.) I called to speak to someone about it (literally, at least 10 times!), and each time, the phone rang 3 times, then someone answers and immediately hangs up. Is this how you deal with phone callers when you are busy? It's a pathetic way to do business!! I can see from the other reviews that customer service is not your strong suit. Too bad, because the food is good. Will be going to New Asia next time.
  • Reviewed by: just4usthree  on: 2018/3/17 9:08:05
    Do you have a private room? For how many? Can you bring in champagne and cake? Is there a minimum charge? Thank you
  • Reviewed by: jruminski  on: 2018/1/8 10:15:56
    Hi, I saw you on Yelp and was impressed with your branding and product offering. Have you considered franchising your business? Franchise Development Group helps companies such as yours expand through franchising. We have developed nearly 100 franchise concepts throughout the United States including several that have been featured on ABC’s Shark Tank. For many businesses franchising can be the most efficient and affordable way to expand whether a few locations regionally or becoming a national brand. If you would be interested in discussing franchising your brand please contact me at your earliest convenience. Attend our Free “How to Franchise” Webinar Visit our Website Franchisedevelopmentgroup.com Joe Ruminski Franchise Development Group 800-222-3251
  • Reviewed by: yomom  on: 2017/12/29 17:24:27
    service SUCKS slowest delivery EVER
  • Reviewed by: nanny432  on: 2017/11/25 16:35:50
    Ordered 4 egg rolls on 11/25. Order #72 that we did not receive. Tried calling the store and the number does not work. Please contact me!
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