• Reviewed by: jenni  on: 2023/4/30 3:25:56
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  • Reviewed by:   on: 2023/11/3 22:57:48
  • Reviewed by: sacredenergy  on: 2022/3/15 19:48:51
    Hi, I picked a an order today of pineapple fried rice, spring rolls, and sweet and sour chicken. The rolls and fried rice were as expected. However the sweet and sour sauce was not closed properly and so leaked all over everything in the bag. I normally would over look this, but the sweet and sour chicken was way over battered and greasy covering extremely stringy, hard, over cooked dry chicken. I was unable to eat it.
  • Reviewed by: effiehunt  on: 2020/9/9 15:54:00
    I purchased the lemon grass dish with chicken at 11:10. As I was eating my food I found a bug in it. I called and the lady who answered did not offer a refund but asked that I bring the food back. When I got there she asked if I ate the food. You could clearly see almost the full portion was still in the pan. She could see the bug and a questionable piece of meat. She said she could not give me my money back if I ate the food. That's horrible customer service. I can send you my receipt and pictures of the bug and meat. This was my first time here and I have regretted it ever since.
  • Reviewed by: gaylemae  on: 2020/5/17 14:28:53
    Need search for fast ordering
  • Reviewed by: janmem  on: 2020/4/3 13:00:29
    Thank you so much for continuing in this challenging time, to provide food service that so many like myself, have enjoyed for years. We are glad you are still there! Janet Howard
  • Reviewed by: baileypalm  on: 2020/12/14 11:29:17
    It would be nice to have access to a menu with description of the dishes and what’s included available on the web site. The only menu option I found was for ordering take out or delivery.
  • Reviewed by: ralphscatamacchia  on: 2020/10/4 9:12:12
    unless I have over-looked it, the site needs an order tracker screen/system
  • Reviewed by: clmyers1960  on: 2020/1/23 12:59:50
    Hello, Chris Myers here. I am a marketing consultant in Collierville working with startups, small businesses and non-profits, and one of my clients is the 20th CENTURY CLUB which manages the annual FAIR ON THE SQUARE. I know you are aware of how successful the FAIR is every year, attracting thousands of people from all over to our iconic Square. We are starting to contact local businesses now and would love if your wonderful restaurant, MULAN BISTRO, would be a 2020 sponsor. Our sponsorships range from $250-$1,500, depending upon your preference and need. Let me know your level of interest and I'll send you a package via email. Thanks so much, Chris Myers Marketing Consultant Clmyers1960@gmail.com 901-468-8875-mobile
  • Reviewed by: cager.garner  on: 2019/8/12 12:09:39
    Hello, my name is Cager Garner, and I'm the head coach for the Collierville Dragons 9U competitive baseball team. I'm reaching out to you for a possible sponsorship opportunity for our team. We're selling advertising space for our team banner that will be hung during each baseball game we play in the spring 2019-2020 season. The season runs from the end of February to the end of June, and we'll be playing in approximately 12-15 tournaments on the weekends. For $250, we can add your company name / logo to our banner, and you'll be listed as a sponsor for our team. I have a couple of additional documents that give you more background about the Dragons organization and our fundraising goals. If you need additional information in order to make a donation, please let me know. Also, if you'd like to sponsor in other ways, we can accommodate that as well. Thank you for your time and consideration. You can email me back at this address or call/text me at 601.506.4145. Thanks, Cager
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