• Reviewed by: eeppes  on: 2019/4/11 12:44:52
  • Reviewed by: eeppes  on: 2019/4/11 12:43:55
    Ate here Sunday - Hot & Sour soup was pretty good - they were stingy w/fried noodles. My husband had sesame chicken - I had the Pepper Steak - both we’re just okay. The iced tea taste like water - disappointing because the tea is usually very good. We opted for Diet Coke - disappointing that it was Diet Pepsi....and we can tell the difference .even the cashier agreed she hated Pepsi too! We jokingly ask if we cld “brown bag” drinks next time. Beverage is a deciding factor for us. Sadly - very convenient but still looking for good Chinese food.
  • Reviewed by: lbabin1019  on: 2019/2/28 15:38:47
    hi did you recieve my order?
  • Reviewed by: irish0072  on: 2019/1/24 10:17:12
    Our local boy scout Pack 53 is celebrating 109 years of scouting with their annual Blue & Gold Banquet and Silent Auction. Would it be possible to receive a gift card from your business to include in the auction? The auction proceeds help fund Pack 53 scout activities. The pack would really appreciate your donation!
  • Reviewed by: asistasgottaeat  on: 2019/1/14 13:46:39
    Hey!! I am a food blogger based out of Memphis and I have started a Youtube show were I will be broadcasting the best eats in Memphis and the surrounding area. I am interested in learning the history of your business and getting some footage of what goes on in the kitchen. The show will be to spread positivity only and I am willing to share it with you before it is edited and put on the internet. I look forward to hearing back regardless of your response and I want to thank you for offering good food and service to Memphis.
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